EMU Full White Reversed Badge

€80,00 EUR

To ensure total transparency and due to the real limitation of stocks of Emu Guard badges, we have established an individual stock tracking system for each badge, allowing you to know in real time the availability of this exclusive item.

The universe of Emu Guaard is a world in constant evolution, where every moment is an opportunity to reinvent oneself. The EMU FULL WHITE REVERSED badge embodies this idea with an immaculate white background, which leaves plenty of room for the EMU embroidery to express itself.

    EMU Full White Reversed Badge
    EMU Full White Reversed Badge


    • White canvas
    • Black EMU embroidery
    • Piece limited to only a few copies, for reasons of exclusivity
    • Support not provided
    • Made in France

    Maintenance tips

    • Do not put Emu Guaard badges in the washing machine, dryer or any other device potentially capable of altering the apparent physical properties of the product. Prefer gentle cleaning by hand to preserve their quality.
    • Avoid rubbing or scratching the badges, as this may damage the surface or details.
    • For cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust or light dirt.
    • When you are not wearing your badges, it is recommended to store it in a dry place, on a flat and stable support.
    • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, such as solvents, which could damage the surface of your badges.
    • Do not scratch or scratch them with sharp or abrasive objects.
    • When attaching or detaching the badge to your clothing, do so carefully to avoid damaging or deforming it.
    • Our badges are produced in limited series so it is more than recommended to take care of them
    • As Emu Guaard badges are designed to be worn on Emu Guaard holders, also ensure not to tamper with them to avoid any collateral damage.

    Delivery and return

    EMU GUAARD offers shipping for all French orders.

    The returns window for online purchases is currently 20 days from the delivery date.
    Please note that exchanges are only available for French domestic orders.
    To initiate a return, please consult the dedicated page or contact us directly.