Emu Guaard: The Odyssey of a Visionary Spirit

The following story is a unique testimony reported by ABN, a close friend of the founder of Emu Guaard. Immerse yourself in the inspiring story of this exceptional journey.

“If everyone has an Emu Guaard badge no one is bold”

The Awakening of the Dreamer (2011-2014)

It all begins in 2011, with a dreamy young man who decides to take a break from his studies in high school. From the outside, I observe his journey, as he wanders aimlessly, just looking to have fun.

The years pass, and in 2014, something changes. He finds his girlfriend, but this time, her presence gives him new inspiration, a burning desire to achieve great things. He decided to resume his studies on a work-study basis with the help of a college friend, thus plunging him into the construction sector.

Initially, his goal is simple: to make up for lost time and give meaning to his life. He then worked in construction, but aspired to more.

Chapter 2 - The Blooming of the Entrepreneurial Spirit (2021)

2021 marks a decisive turning point. He develops a whole new perspective on the world around him. I see him, he is no longer content to dream, he wants to live his dreams. His mind sharpens, and he sees things differently. A monotonous metro-work-sleep is no longer enough for him. He has a thirst for entrepreneurship. Computer science becomes his playground, where he discovers a fascinating universe. Words and actions come together to form a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish.

Computer science teaches him to break problems into small blocks and to solve them more easily. He tried to create applications, but success was slow to come. Yet his love for problem solving only grew. One day he presented me with a problem. Together, we dive into a brainstorming session to put ourselves in the shoes of real entrepreneurs. In less than half an hour, a solution emerges. We then discover that a company has already implemented a similar idea, generating a colossal turnover of almost $1 million. This moment increases his motivation tenfold. He knows that this is the start of a great adventure.

Chapter 3 - The Genesis of Emu Guaard (2022-2023)

The entrepreneur in him is gradually revealed to those close to us. While he generally prefers to keep silent about his projects, convinced that success will speak for him, he is approached by a few family members in 2022, to create a clothing brand. He puts his heart and soul into proposing ideas, but communication between team members does not follow. His suggestions are rejected, and this experiment is cut short. He is accused of lacking involvement, but he chooses not to dwell on this unconstructive criticism.

Following this, he decides to take on a daring challenge: create his own brand, propel it to the top to prove to the world and to himself that he is destined to do great things. This short family adventure leaves him with a lingering thought: “The world of fashion is incredible, but everyone is the same.” He refuses this uniformity, preferring to think differently and go against the grain.

In 2023, a revelation occurs. Passionate about streetwear, he wants to bring his own touch to this universe. He came up with the brilliant idea of ​​placing badges at the heart of his creations, establishing them as rare and precious jewels, well beyond simple accessories. He wants clothes to become the canvases for his badges. Some of these badges are even encrusted with precious stones. He doesn't want everyone to wear his creations, he wants them to be rare, arousing wonder with each appearance. He said "Emu Guaard is audacity, if everyone has an Emu Guaard badge no one is audacious" that's when he defined the limit of 600 copies per badge which recalls his roots Marseilles, the date of birth of the city discreetly inscribed in its concept.

Thus was born Emu Guaard, a fusion of the founder's trigram (EMU) and "Guaard," symbolizing the avant-garde of the brand, with two "A"s for a touch of originality.

After months of design, preparation and testing, the first Emu Guaard badge is finally available to the general public, closely followed by the iconic "EG" evolution, symbol of the transformation of a project into an extraordinary reality.

Abn, The story of audacity